About Us

NARNIA Tap Show Ballet is one of the most promising and talented dance teams to develop Irish dancing in Ukraine.
The team is:

   World Champion in Ceili dancing 2013

   World Champion in Show dancing 2012

   European Champion in Ceili dancing 2011

   European Champion in Ceili dancing 2010

Besides, two members of the team are World Champions in Solo dancing:

   Victor Bidnyi in 2012

   Natalia Diskant in 2013

We reach high due to numerous practices and by regular rising our level of professionalism.

NARNIA Tap Show Ballet was set up in 1998. It was the first dance group of Ukraine to include Irish dance into their repertoire thus immediately standing out from among the rest of dance teams and performers of Ukraine.

Due to the professional mastering of not only tap but all other modern styles of choreography, the ballet synthesizes various styles: from traditional Irish dance to jazz, from modern hip hop or R&B to drama.

The versatility of the team’s dancing abilities allows it to perform on one stage with the most famous dancers, musicians and artists of Ukraine.

Victor Bidnyi is director and choreographer of the NARNIA ballet team.

Victor Bidnyi is World Champion in solo Irish dancing 2012. He studied under some of the best Irish dancers: former Riverdance soloist Colin Dunne, WIDA founder Sean Gavan, British teacher David James and others. As a professional dancer Victor performs not only with Irish dancing, but with many other dancing styles, including modern, jazz, krump, tectonics, disco, techno, contemporary, hip-hop, folk, and flamenco. Victor is also a member of the Stuntmen League of Ukraine.